Dear Max, July 15th. Today you are one, baby boy. How that happened so quickly I will never know. This weekend we will celebrate all that is you - with your first cupcake with Nana, a party in "our" park with friends, and a day at the zoo. You will have fun and laugh and play your little heart out. It will be perfectly imperfect, just like all 364 days leading up to this point. (more…)

Big Sky Country

With Max's first birthday approaching, it was time to go home. Max is learning a very cool definition of home, whether it is temporary housing in Portland, a swanky hotel in Paris, an Airbnb in Barcelona, or our home in Amsterdam. From the minute he was born, home is fundamentally wherever he is with us. I grew up differently - not better, not worse. But to me, "home" will always be Montana.  (more…)

Summer Lovin’

Sometimes, when the weather turns nice, the flowers bloom, and every street corner is filled with happy hour tables, a person just has to sit back and take it all in. Exactly how we've been enjoying the summer. (more…)

London Calling

With it being the year of the Queen of England's 90th birthday, we thought it only fitting to stop by to join the celebration. And bonus - London is on our bucket list! (more…)

An Unlikely Favorite

It had been a few months since our last trip, and the travel bug was starting to bite again. Luckily, Grayson took a week off sandwiched between two long weekends, and we had a 10-day family vacation on the horizon. Switzerland and Austria, here we come! (more…)


This morning after breakfast and putting Max down for a nap, I went out for a run in beautiful Austria. Running alongside a babbling little river in the flower-covered hillside, I'm not even a little ashamed to admit I felt like running into the field singing "the hills are alive, with the sound of music."  And reason #126 why I love my husband: on our first hike here in Austria, I told Gray I wanted to do just that, and…


Over the last few months, I have started to feel like this is actually happening. No more weird, long vacation in Europe with the dog; my own furniture is in place; the holidays have passed. And Max is nine months - how did that happen?! (more…)