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One of the biggest perks of moving to Amsterdam is how easy it will be to TRAVEL! And I love to travel. To make sure we take full advantage of this opportunity, we are putting together a Bucket List for places we want to see, events we want to attend, and things we just need to do while we are here. I know what my 2016 New Year’s resolution will be! As we started compiling the list, we realized it was a very intimidating task. There is so much history, such incredible art, and some amazing events – where do you start?! Here goes nothing…

Bucket List
    1. Barcelona
    2. Italy (again)
    3. Oktoberfest in Germany
    4. Wine Country in France
    5. Holidays in Paris
    6. Norway – our homeland
    7. Switzerland – Penny’s homeland!
    8. Watch an Arsenal football match (okay, that one’s for Grayson)
    9. London
    10. Ireland
    11. Prague
    12. Greece
    13. Portugal

What am I missing?! I’ll take any and all recommendations or specifications, please! As we start crossing these off, I’ll be sure to share our adventures and pictures. You’ll be able to find the posts under “Bucket List” as we go.


    1. In my humble opinion, #8 should be moved up to #1…. But I digress. #compromise #suchislife

    1. Let me know if you need a travel companion to carry your bags, make sure your wine glasses are always filled, and ensure little Max’s suspenders are always in proper order! 🙂 So happy for you and your family! Kara has been filling me in on the fabulous details for the upcoming Rasmussen/Tenney holiday! xx Alaina

      1. You are welcome to join anytime! Although I hear you have some exciting holiday plans as well – have so much fun!

    1. You definitely should have an (again) by Barcelona, Ireland, London:) I very much remember scaling the balconies of Spain in our undies together:)

      LOVE this blog and so excited for your new adventures. Give Max a big kiss from us up North:) Loves and Hugs from MT aka HOME:)

      1. I think about our travels all the time as we are planning all this! Only Italy got the “again” because that is the only place Grayson and I have already been to together. Hope all is well at home, give Molly a hug!

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