Life in Amsterdam

Guestbook Cliffs Notes

I have also abandoned my virtual guestbook over the last several months! Luckily, the real one is still holding its own in our entry way, so I can play catch up now! Here's a quick round up. (more…)

Holland Grace

I have had some serious writer's block. I think that's what they call it? I've been writing, but not sharing. How very selfish, I know. I haven't written a full post since I got pregnant, a little because of all that goes with being pregnant and a little because of all the feels it brought. I have a lot of catching up to do, so where to start? No better than the present, and luckily I have a worthy subject.…

Summer Lovin’

Sometimes, when the weather turns nice, the flowers bloom, and every street corner is filled with happy hour tables, a person just has to sit back and take it all in. Exactly how we've been enjoying the summer. (more…)


Over the last few months, I have started to feel like this is actually happening. No more weird, long vacation in Europe with the dog; my own furniture is in place; the holidays have passed. And Max is nine months - how did that happen?! (more…)


We are so lucky to have so many visitors here in Amsterdam already! It's been just over three months, and I'm pretty sure we are on record pace. Funny how family is more excited to visit us now that we have Max and live in Europe... (more…)

Max’s Baptism

Max was baptized on the second day of Christmas at Vredeskerk (Our Lady Queen of Peace)church. We started going to church when we arrived here, and it's a big, old, beautiful Catholic church in our neighborhood. A few small hitches...mostly that everything is in Dutch. (more…)