Dear Max, July 15th. Today you are one, baby boy. How that happened so quickly I will never know. This weekend we will celebrate all that is you - with your first cupcake with Nana, a party in "our" park with friends, and a day at the zoo. You will have fun and laugh and play your little heart out. It will be perfectly imperfect, just like all 364 days leading up to this point. (more…)

Max’s Baptism

Max was baptized on the second day of Christmas at Vredeskerk (Our Lady Queen of Peace)church. We started going to church when we arrived here, and it's a big, old, beautiful Catholic church in our neighborhood. A few small hitches...mostly that everything is in Dutch. (more…)

It’s a Boy!

Cast of Characters: meet Max Allen Tenney, our newborn son. He is a blessing that I will be forever thankful. Max made a grand entrance into this world, that is for sure. (more…)