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Dad and Max

Cast of Characters: my partner in crime, Grayson, my hubby taking us on this amazing adventure.

With our five year anniversary (five years!) around the corner on October 9th, and with Grayson finally coming home next week, it feels like a good time to write a little about my hubby. While we’ve been married for five years, we actually met in college at Gonzaga the end of our freshman year. We met at a party, introduced by our future best man Zach. I won’t go so far as to say that I knew we’d be together forever, but I did tell my sister Kara about him only three days after our meet-cue. To be perfectly honest, we were a little bit of a hot mess in college because we were both so independent. Grayson played on the soccer team at Gonzaga, and was a typical “guys-guy.” I actually enjoyed my classes and was fairly (okay, a lot) socially inclined. We only ever really had eyes for each other, though, and after both moving to Portland after college, the rest became history. Our wedding weekend was amazing, celebrated with so many family and friends.


Gray is an amazing guy, and I consider myself very blessed. He loves all people and all animals (especially Penny). Sports are his thing (and that’s an understatement), which makes Nike a perfect company for him to work for. He’s originally from Bend, Oregon and is very outdoorsy. I may have the tendency to “freak out” sometimes (okay, a lot), and he always keeps me balanced. We have shared some absolutely incredible memories together, including family, friends, travel, and just “being,” and we have also experienced indescribable pain and grief. I would never have thought it possible, but I love my husband so much more today than I did on our wedding day five years ago.

Alright, that’s all the lovey I have in me today – here’s a pic of the man and his giant dog. I am so excited to start this adventure with Gray. Five years of (mostly) wonderful, cheers to many more!

man's best friend



      1. Thanks, AK! I’ll have lots of upcoming posts about bikes, they are EVERYWHERE!

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