This morning after breakfast and putting Max down for a nap, I went out for a run in beautiful Austria. Running alongside a babbling little river in the flower-covered hillside, I'm not even a little ashamed to admit I felt like running into the field singing "the hills are alive, with the sound of music."  And reason #126 why I love my husband: on our first hike here in Austria, I told Gray I wanted to do just that, and…

Day 1

The big day finally arrived - the day we officially loaded up Max, all our luggage, and said goodbye to Penny for a week to fly to our new hometown of Amsterdam. (more…)

The Move

Grayson got his official offer with Nike in Amsterdam the day Max was born. July 15th, 2015 is kind of a big deal. Cue chaos in the Tenney household. (more…)

It’s a Boy!

Cast of Characters: meet Max Allen Tenney, our newborn son. He is a blessing that I will be forever thankful. Max made a grand entrance into this world, that is for sure. (more…)