We are so lucky to have so many visitors here in Amsterdam already! It’s been just over three months, and I’m pretty sure we are on record pace. Funny how family is more excited to visit us now that we have Max and live in Europe…

About two weeks ago, Kara called me up and asked what I was doing the coming weekend. I wasn’t even surprised when she said she was just booking a ticket for a meeting in Scotland, and thought she might “pop by” Amsterdam to visit for a few days as well. I asked Max, and he, of course, wanted her to visit. So she arrived the next Sunday after a few days in Scotland, bringing Max aMonday Emails new squeaky toy that Penny loves as well. We had a great couple of days, wandering around Oud Zuid and catching up on the couple weeks since we last saw each other. After picking up some produce while shopping, Kara did leave the stroller unlocked on the sidewalk on an extremely windy day. Luckily I had already taken Max inside, but my mangoes and avocados were half way down the street in the stroller when I came back out. Kara popped into work one of the days (she has to make sure they invite her back frequently), and we joined some of her co-workers for happy hour at Carter one night. She woke Max up every morning and from every nap, and left Wednesday morning back to San Francisco for Super Bowl party festivities.

“As Kara’s wheels were lifting off, my cousin Blaire and her husband Chad’s wheels were hitting the pavement at Schiphol airport.”

As Kara’s wheels were lifting off, my cousin Blaire and her husband Chad’s wheels were hitting the pavement at Schiphol airport. They never could make the trip to Portland from Montana to visit, but Amsterdam was no problem for these jet setters! We were stop number twelve (of seventeen!) on their seven-week babymoon (that’s right, I said babymoon!). I could try to name all the places they went and were headed to, but I’m sure I’d mess it up. It was a kick hearing of their adventures from riding elephants and white water rafting to getting deported. They spent a couple of days in Amsterdam and got in a good chunk of the “must-see’s” here. I enjoyed spending the time with them and getting to know both a little better. And although the point of a babymoon is to spend time without baby, Max (and Penny) really liked them as well. After leaving us with some tasty Turkish Delight from Istanbul, picking up their insanely spendy “package” mailed to the house, and trying Dutch bitterballen, they were off to Spain and the rest of their journey. We haven’t heard from them since, but I’m sure they are continuing their trip of a lifetime.

IMG_0141 IMG_0143 IMG_0144

It was such a fun week! Max and Penny are expecting Kara to show up out of the blue any day again, and we are all very excited to meet our new cousin-to-be in Montana. And with that, the first page of our Amsterdam Guestbook is full! Gramma would be proud.


    1. Thanks for the Blaire/Chad update! Glad to know you enjoy company. It’s such fun to hear about the adventures. What’s daily life like there?

      1. Hi Wanda! Blaire was an adorable mama-to-be, it was so fun to see them. I’m still figuring out daily life, but so far it involves the typical feedings, diaper changes, and baby entertaining. We try to go outside every afternoon (weather permitting), and about half those days I pick up groceries, etc. because you go to separate places for each thing (veggies, meat, etc.) and you only buy what you can carry. I’ll write more about it one of these days, it’s very surreal to me still!
        Hope all is well for you!

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