Auntie Visit #2

Max is pretty lucky to have some awesome Aunts! His Aunt Skye was our second official visitor here in Amsterdam.

Grayson’s sister Skye also works for Nike and recently had a business trip in Milan, Italy. Both Grayson and Skye have visited some pretty amazing locations with Nike, like Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, and so on. When I worked for Target, the main destination I got to travel for headquarters was to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Almost the same…but I digress. Skye’s travels took her through Amsterdam on the way back to Portland, so she delayed her flight home to stay with us for a quick 24 hours.

Dinner at CarterSkye got here early last Wednesday. Grayson was working in Belgium, so Max and I got her all to ourselves during the day. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we spent most the day walking around the neighborhood, having lunch on the Museumplein, doing a little shopping, and strolling through Vondelpark. Grayson was able to make it home early afternoon, and we had dinner at a restaurant called Carter just a few doors down from our home. Carter is known for their burgers, which we all ordered. They usually serve them medium-rare, but the waiter recognized us as Americans so let us order medium (they were still pretty pink!). We spent the rest of the night visiting at home, and Facetimed Grandma and Grandpa Tenney. As you can see in the picture, Penny insists on being the center of attention! Skye left the next morning. We were so happy to see her if even for a short time, and hope she can come back with our nieces and Andy in the future!


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    1. I loved my visit. Highlight of the entire trip, and that says a lot because Italy was great. Thanks for not taking a picture of me snoozing on the couch.

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