Summer Lovin’

Sometimes, when the weather turns nice, the flowers bloom, and every street corner is filled with happy hour tables, a person just has to sit back and take it all in. Exactly how we’ve been enjoying the summer.

The summer here has been lovely. It rarely gets too hot or too cool, the city is bustling with people to see and places to go, and our little family packs in as much as we can. After our bucket list trips this spring, we’ve been staying put in the city to take advantage of the beautiful summer. We took Max to the Amsterdam zoo, the Royal Artis, and he absolutely loved all the animals. It’s the oldest zoo in Europe. He got up close and personal with a sloth, and got a kick out of the sea lions. We made a trip to The Hague, which is the governing town where the King and Queen live. It is a really cool city, and after Geneva, Switzerland, it is the primary meeting place of the United Nations. Pretty humbling to think of the great minds who have walked there, and the discussions that have taken place to make the world a better place. We checked out the sand at Scheveningen Beach, where he stepped foot in the North Sea for the first time. The kid loves water, which he definitely got from the Tenney side! We made the quick trip to the university town of Utrecht, a smaller town with beautiful buildings and canals (and some great shopping!).

IMG_0435 IMG_0276

And of course, the summer has brought us some visitors! Brian Givot, an old boss and friend from my days at Target was traveling through Europe with his family, and they made a quick stop in Amsterdam. I was able to have lunch with them in Vondelpark, and it was great to catch-up! Grayson’s cousin Sage graduated from college and made a stop in Amsterdam with his friends on their European celebration tour. Kara made her fourth trip here mid-June for business and packed in plenty of Auntie/Max time. She spoils Max like none other, bringing so many clothes and toys for the boy she had to bring an extra suitcase. Our friend since college, Suedy, also stayed with us for a long weekend while Kara was here. She was headed to Rome for a wedding and was able to add Amsterdam to the beginning of her European itinerary. The kids were really spoiled while they were both here; Kara never let Max out of her sight, and Penny found a new best friend in Suedy. While they were here, our friends the Todd family took us out for the day on the canals in their boat! I met Zoe through Kara (she works with Zoe’s husband), and their youngest son Oliver and Max are best buds. Canal cruises are really the best way to see the city, and it’s even better when you are with friends! Not working in the corporate world has given me a lot of flexibility, so Max and I decided to take advantage of Kara flying back to the U.S. We talked her into a diverted route, and she flew most of the way back to Montana with Max and me so I could have an extra set of hands. We needed to get Max to the farm!

IMG_0238 IMG_0250 IMG_0021 IMG_0007

Most of the time, we just enjoy the summer. We spend most of our days outside, in the park, riding bikes, swinging and sandbox-ing at the playground, and “swimming” in the splash pool. It’s a good life.

Bike Ride!  IMG_0249




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    1. Enjoyed having you and Max home for a farm visit.
      Went by too fast tho!

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